The Ultimate Growth Marketing Tool Stack

Duration: 57 minutes

Building a marketing stack can be a daunting task. Between choosing tools, finding experts and spinning things up, you could spend $100k+ and a year to realize you integrated wrong.

With 6,000+ tools to choose from, marketers are experiencing a “Stackapocalypse.” Cut through the nightmare of choice with our ultimate growth marketing stack, proven to work seamlessly together to turn leads into conversions at scale.

You will learn:

  • The tool stack that drove record-breaking growth for Effin Amazing
  • How to integrate your stack for maximum marketing impact and minimum effort
  • Stack use cases including data enrichment, lead scoring, and workflow automation

Dan McGaw, CMO at Effin Amazing, and Guy Marion, CMO & Growth at Autopilot, get you the answers you need in this fast paced presentation. With tools to choose, their best practices and real world use cases, you can take his findings and deploy them into your business with ease.


About the speakers

Guy Marion, Ph.D., CMO & Head of Business at Autopilot

Guy spearheads Autopilot’s go-to-market strategy, growth, and operations. Prior to Autopilot, Guy worked as Head of Online Sales at Zendesk, VP & General Manager of CollabNet, and CEO of Codesion (acq. by CollabNet). Guy blogs regularly, is a contributor to Forbes,, and VentureBeat, and is a speaker at events like Growth Marketing Conference and Dreamforce.

Dan McGaw, CEO at Effin Amazing

Dan McGaw is an international award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. He is also the Founder and CEO of Effin Amazing, an analytics and growth consultancy that helps product and marketing teams get data driven and optimize their businesses. Coined as one of the original growth hackers, he has led the teams at and

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