Effective Marketing Strategies of High Performance Marketers

Duration: 50 minutes

For all companies, from startups to corporates, understanding and influencing the customer journey is the secret to more sophisticated, more effective marketing that attracts, engages and converts your audience and creates genuine differentiation from existing and wannabe competitors.

In this workshop replay hosted by Autopilot CMO & Head of Growth, Guy Marion, you’ll learn top tips, tricks and insights into how high-performing marketers are getting smarter in why, when, how and where they communicate with customers at all points in their journey—from awareness through conversion to retention and referral.

Following Guy’s talk, digital marketing leader and growth hacker, Victor Pencak from Skimlinks, shares his experience and success using automation to scale and personalize the customer journey.

About the speaker

Guy Marion, Ph.D., CMO & Head of Business at Autopilot

Guy spearheads Autopilot’s go-to-market strategy, growth, and operations. Prior to Autopilot, Guy worked as Head of Online Sales at Zendesk, VP & General Manager of CollabNet, and CEO of Codesion (acq. by CollabNet). Guy blogs regularly, is a contributor to Forbes, CMO.com, and VentureBeat, and is a speaker at events like Growth Marketing Conference and Dreamforce.

Victor Pencak, Growth Hacker at Skimlinks

Victor Pencak is the Digital Marketing Manager and Growth Hacker at Skimlinks, the industry leader for affiliate marketing solutions. With over 9 years of experience managing multi-channel marketing campaigns for digital produces, e-commerce, and media groups, Victor is a digital marketing professional with a strong passion for social media, analytics, and product growth.


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